WOD 052020

Give this one a try:
12 minute EMOM
Minute 1: 10 goblet lunges
Minute 2: 30 seconds unbroken singles/doubles
Minute 3: 10 KB swings

I’m a big fan of EMOMs because they give you an opportunity to work on form in a metcon-y way. You get a set number of reps and built in rest each round. You can do heavier work with a lower set of reps. Or you can challenge yourself to keep near perfect form with lighter weights and higher reps. EMOMs are that versatile.

Lunges: Make sure you are not leaning forward too much and that you are pushing the weight through your entire foot when you stand up, not just your toes or heels. Balancing the weight will also keep you from tilting to the left or the right when you stand up.

Jump rope: pick your poison, either singles or doubles. Whichever you choose, you’ll want to focus on keeping your elbows into your side like they are glued to you and jump straight up and down like a pencil being shot up in the air. I find that finding a place to focus on also helps me stay fixed on one spot versus traveling the mat.

KB swings: remember that it’s a hinge, not a squat. So keep your calves straight, lead from your hips and think about shooting that bell through and up using the power of that hip thrust. Your arms are not pulling it up. They are just along for the ride.

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