About Us

Crossfit promotes functional fitness that helps us live productive and healthy lives. THE MASTERS DIVISION is dedicated to several goals:

  • to teach functional fitness skills that improve everyday activities that typically become challenging as people age.
  • to assist people ages 35+ from all backgrounds to achieve optimal health through functional fitness training and wellness education.
  • to improve lives by fostering healthy living habits driven by knowledge and positive reinforcement.

We believe in three things:

Health. Wellness. Fitness.

As we get older, there are health concerns that we all will inevitably face. Genetics, environment, life experiences, socio-economics and other factors can and will affect our health in a positive or negative way.  If we are not careful,  concerns about health can take over a larger portion of our daily activities than we would like. Wouldn’t it be better if we could manage our health and achieve wellness?

No one wants to be sick. Wellness is a better goal. Wellness has been defined as “an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases” (dictionary.com). Plainly stated, wellness is about preventing aches and pains and holding off chronic disease. We all want that life, right? Good blood pressure, excellent cholesterol, good weight and body fat percentage numbers, etc. These are the goals. But is there more?

Fitness, we believe, is the ultimate goal. When we are fit, we put our health and wellness to work in every day situations. Fitness allows us to express the ten general physical skills in everyday life.


These 10 skills help us to be functionally fit or as CrossFit Founder, Greg Glassman puts it, we become ready for the “unknown and unknowable”.  Life is full of these moments. We never know what is waiting for us around the corner. Getting fit will help us face those challenges.

THE MASTERS DIVISION wants to help you get ready for the “unknown and unknowable”.