What Is Crossfit

Crossfit is a training program developed Coach Greg Glassman that helps athletes achieve general fitness, helping the body do what it is meant to do. The skills learned in a Crossfit class can be transferred to everyday life. This make Crossfit appropriate for all people, all ages, and fitness level. What is unique about Crossfit is the fact that through it, Coach Glassman has been able to define fitness in a measurable, repeatable scientific way that “increases work capacity across broad time and modal domains”.

Crossfit is recognized as broad, general and inclusive, meaning that anyone can participate, regardless of age, gender, or ability. Every skill, every movement is scalable and adaptable. So in a given workout, you might have a college baseball player, a 40 year accountant, a military vet who is an adaptive-athlete , and a 75 year-old grandma, all doing the same workout; each one at their own level.

In the simplest terms, Crossfit is Constantly Varied Functional Movements at High Intensity. But what does that really mean?

Take a look:

Constantly Varied

Functional Movement

High Intensity