Connect Empower Strengthen Journal

In this episode, I introduce the Connect Empower Strengthen Journal.  Listen friend, it’s time to let go of the things you have done in the past so that you can get the life you deserve!  The CONNECT EMPOWER STRENGTHEN journal shows you how by letting you set your own health goals based on how you want to feel in your life. You create your own benchmarks and progress your journey.

The CONNECT EMPOWER STRENGTHEN journalThe CONNECT EMPOWER STRENGTHEN journal helps you get healthy by allowing you to trust yourself on this journey. What does that mean? That means no tracking your food, no tracking your workouts to see how many calories you’ve burned, no weighing yourself period, and no comparisons to anyone else or even yourself younger self.  You steer the boat each day and make your own choices that will lead you to feel better each day.

In the CONNECT EMPOWER STRENGTHEN journal, you will: 

  • Build your own personal journey  
  • Create goals with movement/exercise
  • Create goals about nutrition
  • Create daily practices for self care


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