Grace Revisited

Over the summer, I put together a list of Crossfit goals that I wanted to achieve. Some were benchmark WOD goals and some were skill based goals.  Many of my goals were typical goals, like:

  • double unders 10-20-30-40-50
  • strict handstand push ups, no scaling
  • toes to bar
  • Fran Rx
  • clean and jerk at 135lbs

And then there is Grace.

Grace is a benchmark workout that consists of 30 clean and jerks at 135lbs for men, 95lbs for women. The first time I did Grace was June 15, 2015. I did it in 4:39 at 75lbs. I decided to try it again two months later on August 9, 2015. I completed Grace in 1:59, again at 75lbs. So my goal has been to do Grace at the prescribed weight, 95lbs.

After doing well on snatch and overhead squat workouts, I decided now was the time. Actually, yesterday, I decided that today would be the day. So I went to the Cove this morning, warmed up with the rest of the class and then gave Grace a go!

I’m not going to lie, it was a challenge. But I remembered right away that Brian told me to do Grace as singles to conserve my energy. So that’s what I did.

I finished Grace in 4:20, meeting my goal and setting a new PR. I can check Grace off my goal list for today. But I’m going to keep,working getting my time down. After all, I have to catch my rabbit, Marina. She did Grace in 2:37.

Doing a practice run of Grace at 85lbs

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