Freddy’s Revenge

5 Shoulder to Overhead
10 Burpees
5 Rounds
Fitness 115/75
RX 165/110
RX+ 185/125
**13 min Time Cap**

So… Freddy’s Revenge… what can I say except that I felt like Freddy himself when it was all over.  This workout was developed to bring out Freddy’s strengths against some of his stronger competitors… and he still finished last.  But he kept on going, right to the end.

Well, today, I tried to do this work at Rx+, boldly thinking, “It’s only 5 reps per round… surely I can handle 125lbs. And surely, I can finish in around 9 minutes as long as I do 5 reps per minute.”  After one round, I knew I was in trouble. I took it easy on the first set of burpees to conserve my strength. But on round two, I attempted to push jerk the barbell and failed.  Coach Chris came over and started unloading my bar without asking a question other than, “what do you want to go down to?” We decided to go to 115, so I could do the workout at Rx and then I got on round two. I did a couple of doubles, but it became obvious that I was going to have to do singles.

Round four arrived and I got through it doing singles and breaking the burpees into two sets of five. Round five begins and Coach Chris looks at me and says, “you only have one left, right?”. Well, I look around and just about everyone is done. I’m at 10 minutes and some change, now a bit panicked that I won’t finish in the 13 minutes. I did 5 singles and then moved on to my burpees and finished in 11:23… I was the last one to finish, just like Freddy.  But I’m not ashamed because I challenged myself. I did the workout at Rx.5.. Half way between Rx and Rx+.  Next time, I’ll do it better.

Watch the original Freddy’s Revenge with Freddy Camacho now

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