To Go Heavy or Light


1a) Ring Rows x 10
2a) Front Rack Lunges x 12
(bar comes from the rack, weight is the same for all four sets)
– Three Rounds –

So the question came up today, “what’s a good weight for this strength WOD?” Well, the answer depends on each person. The goal of the front rack lunge is to maintain a good front rack position while doing lunges where the movement has you step back, tracking your knee over your foot. So you need balance to maintain that front rack, not only when you unpack the bar from the rig, but also when you are lunging back with a strong upright chest, knees and toes aligned, Nd elbows high.

I did my front rack lunges at 65lbs, another person may go higher. The important thing to remember is form. You don’t want to go too light or you won’t really get the practice of keeping good front rack posture under a heavy load. But you don’t want to go too heavy because your only thought will be “don’t drop the bar…” So find that sweet spot; that load that will give you good practice in both areas.

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