Going Back To the Gym

With CrossFit gyms opening up around the country, so many people are facing the prospect of going back from the gym after about four months of quarantine. Today we’re talking with affiliate owner, Chris Franey of CrossFit Catonsville to get some advice on re-entering the gym in a way that is balanced and fun. Chris has been in the CrossFit space for almost 10 years and has seen and coached a variety of athletes. But his connection with his athletes is rooted in helping them with move safely so that they can enjoy life. 


(13:19) “So funny enough, ironically, it’s like coming back from an injury except everybody is coming back from three months of rest. So, all their injuries are gone.  Right? Everybody who left here, you know, with shoulder issues, knee problems, back aches are like, ‘I feel great’. I’m like, yeah, because you rested, you gave your body a chance to heal.”

(14:51) “What I generally like to tell people you know that it takes a day for every week that you’ve been out for your body to kind of get back into the swing of things, you know. And the asterisk on that is about a day, a workout of your normal consistent routine. So in the case of the last three months, we’re looking at roughly 12 weeks, so 12 days of working out is what I’ve been telling people to kind of give themselves before they can start to where they can start to be critical of their performance.”

(16:13) “You know, be patient, you know, slowly come back in, first and foremost, do think, you know, come back and just go light and have fun because it was the fun that brought you in here in the first place. So many people get caught up in their numbers and their performance that they forget the actual aspect that is this was fun. There’s, there’s a lot of fun to this, that, you know, it’s still here. But at some point, we all just get too serious and we lose that.”

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