Get Taller Before You Get Smaller – Advice from Coach Marina

We have been working on squat cleans for our current barbell cycle. Unlike a power clean, the squat clean is a quicker, more powerful move because you have to do the all the same movements as a power clean, but you have to end in a squat. What I really mean is that you have to get under the bar… and then stand it up. So you still have to pull it, but then pull yourself under it as fast and as powerfully as you can.  It’s easy to get anxious and pull early and not get the benefit of the power coming from your hip extension.

That’s what I’m working on now.  My brain understands the progression: first pull, shoulder shug, jump, and pull yourself under the bar.  Now my body needs to catch up. My problem is anxious pulling (pulling to early). Plenty of reps will fix that up right.

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