2019 CrossFit Open

Every year since 2015, I have done the @crossfit open. In fact I started CrossFit during the 2015 Open. I had no idea what it was, but I just knew that it was a time for our community to get together and support each other during the workouts. Each year that has followed, I’ve signed up with hopes of improving my standings in my state and age group and to improve on repeat workouts. I have had good Open workouts and disastrous workouts, but through it all, my fellow athletes have always supported me and I have done my best to support them.

So with all the changes in the @crossfitgames this year, I was wondering if it was worth it to do the February 2019 Open (remember that there are two Opens this year) and my answer is YES! This was actually not an easy decision to come to because I have not been a member of an affiliate since July 2018. I have been working out at home and local globing gyms.

So I’ll admit that a lot of my gymnastics skills have gotten rusty since I only do mostly strength work. Although I did the workouts at Rx in 2016 and 2017, I anticipate 2019 being the second year that I scale most, of not all of the workouts. And that’s ok! In 2018, I was recovering from a neck sprain and concussion and did not get cleared to workout, let alone do the Open until a few days before it started. Doing all of the workouts scaled allowed me the freedom to just do the workouts and enjoy them without any pressure to land in any particular place on the leaderboard.

This year, I’m doing the Open with a friend who has always been there for me during the Open. We’re doing it at his gym where I can meet some new people and just have some fun because that’s really what the Open is all about, isn’t it? Are you doing the Open this year? If so let me know what you love about the Open.

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