2017 Winter Rowing/Bike Challenge

Many CrossFit boxes have winter rowing challenges between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. My box is no exception.  We typically set a goal to reach 100,000 meters per person on the rower, which averages about 2700 meters per day. I’ve seen some people careful plan this out each day with a set number of meters and others who pick a few long days and rowing for a couple of hours at a time. To each his own.

Having done this challenge for two years, I wanted to try something different. So I decided to do 100 miles on the Assault Bike.  Other folks are doing a combination and are doing 50,000 meters and 50 miles.

Want to join us? You can choose any option.  Row, Bike or Row/Bike.  Choosing one of these challenges will give you motivation to stay on track through the end of the year. It may also give you some much needed alone time to think and reflect as you put your mind and body to a totally reachable goal.

Although, we are not keeping score as a community, please feel free to download any of the following google spreadsheets to help you track your progress. For this challenge any rowing or bike work that is included in your daily WOD can be added to your challenge total. This include warm up meters/miles.

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