Hello There Friend

My name is Julie Jones and I help people 35 and older to show up for themselves with a strong body and mind. I challenge people to take one actionable step each day to move forward with their health and fitness in a way that helps them be successful in the future. ⁣

My goal is to CONNECT, EMPOWER, and STRENGTHEN you with a plan that is your own. ⁣

  1. Together we will develop a fitness program that works with your likes, your schedule, and takes into account your access to fitness equipment. ⁣
  2. Although I do not offer meal plans (I know folks who can help you with that), we will look at what foods make you feel good. ⁣
  3. We often forget about the importance of rest. We will work to include improved sleep and restorative practices into your daily routine. ⁣

Here are five fun facts about me: ⠀⁣

  1. My cat, foucherthecat, is named after former CrossFit Games athlete juliefoucher.⠀⁣
  2. My closest friends are younger than me and use acronyms a lot. So I use Google A LOT.⠀⁣
  3. I love a barbell. If I had a she-shed, it would be full of barbells and plates.⠀We still need to find out who burned down Sheryl’s she-shed. ⁣
  4. I definitely have my salty old lady moments because things are so much different today than when I was a kid. #sophiapetrillo ⠀⁣
  5. While I love mostly music from the 90s and early 2000s, I really love Justin Bieber’s album Purpose. I can’t explain it, I just do. ⠀⁣

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