Advice from a Masters Athlete

Today is July 4th. Traditionally, most CrossFit gyms do HERO workouts to honor military and first responders that have died in the line of duty. As we take a moment to reflect on their service, it is also a good time to reflect on our on journeys in fitness.

Recently, I read a Facebook post from a CrossFit master athlete who summed up his 10 month journey. It hits on so many good points that apply to everyone, but especially the “older” athlete who regular works out with younger athletes.  Your journey is your own. Never stop learning. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.

Here is Duane’s post:

“As I drink my coffee and reflect on having just marked 10 months in Crossfit (and keeping my mind preoccupied while I intermittent fast and my family eats….) I have 2 things for newbies….(regardless of age) that I wish somebody would have told me.
1) Joining Crossfit and thinking you’re immediately going to be a Games level competitive athlete is about as ridiculous as saying you’re going to be in the NFL because you ordered NFL Sunday Ticket. Hell, even being competitive in your own gym right away is completely unrealistic. Just know that the first year (or more) is a lot of “learning” and “failing”, and realizing these two things are the same thing, will save you a ton of disappointment. As hard as it seems, don’t be afraid to be a beginner and embrace the journey because a journey is all it really is…..there is no “finish line”. As we’re often reminded….”it never gets easier, you just get faster”. And while it may not seem like it, trust me…’s worth it.
2) Listen to others. We can all learn from everyone. Whether it’s the head coach with a resume as long as their arm or the soccer mom who just started today. Everyone knows something you don’t….yes, even about Crossfit (this is for you coaches, too ?)…..keep an open mind.
Oh….one last thing. No, you don’t get to eat whatever want.
Have a GREAT Independence Day!!! ?? ??????”

-Duane J. Fierstine
July 2 at 11:16am

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