For Time:
21 – 15 – 9
Dumbbell thrusters (use two dumbbells, one each arm) go heavy!
Dumbbell snatches

For Time:
100 Dumbbell thrusters (35/25 lb)
5 Burpees at the top of each minute

For Time:
Jason Khalipa’s Travel WODs (08" Games Special - http://norcal.vm-host.net/hotel-wods):
Thruster w/45# dumbbells
5 Burpees

For Time:
Darren from CrossFit Mayhem Special:
5 rounds:
Run 400 meters (.25 mile)
20 Hang squat cleans @ 35# dumbbells
15 burpees

For Time:
100 thrusters for time with 45# dumbbells
Notes: Full squat, finish fully locked out overhead.

12 Min AMRAP
7 Dumbbell cleans
7 Dumbbell thrusters
7 Burpee

20 Min AMRAP
10 DB push press 50/30
10 KBS 50/30 (use one Dumbbell)
10 Box jumps (or jump over a bench)

For Time:
18- 15- 12- 9- 6- 3
DB Power clean 50/30
Box jumps (or jump over a bench)


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Only have a short period of time to get in a workout? These workouts don't require any equipment except your own body.

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These classic CrossFit workouts serve as benchmarks of performance that athletes and affliates use to test fitness progress periodically. These workouts are one way to measure general fitness. But they also serve as a good test to identify areas that need improvement.  Read more about Coach Greg Glassman's philosophy behind "The Girls" at the CrossFit.com Journal article, "Benchmark Workouts"  along with the article, "The New Girls".

Just Your Body

  • Barbara
  • Chelsea
  • Mary
  • Cindy
  • Annie
  • Nicole
  • Angie
  • Gwen
  • Candy
  • Maggie

No Bars Here

  • Eva
  • Helen
  • Kelly
  • Karen
Mix it Up

  • Amanda
  • Jackie
  • Diane
  • Fran
  • Elizabeth
  • Nancy
  • Lynne
  • Hope

Get Heavy

  • Isabel
  • Linda
  • Grace


Hero workouts are some of the most intense CrossFit workouts written. They are designed to be intense and performed with all out effort.  They are named after fallen heroes of the military and other first responders.

Some popular Hero WODs

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The CrossFit Games

The Sport of Fitness. Each year, elite athletes from around the world compete in a series of events that puts their fitness to the test. After a full weekend of events, the winners are crowned, "Fittest on Earth".

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