WOD #2

Travel WOD #2

Today’s WOD follows a classic CrossFit rep scheme, 21-15-9.  In this couplet, you will do 21 air squats and 21 pushups. Then repeat the movements doing 15 reps of each movement. Lastly do 9 reps of each movement.  Air Squats and pushups is a good combination when you are traveling because you don’t need any equipment. This workout can be done in a hotel room.

The round of 15 in any 21-15-9 WOD can be the toughest. Get a sense of your capacity during the round of 21 and pace accordingly so that you can finish this WOD.  Begin with a 7-10 minute warmup and end with a 5-7 minute cooldown/stretching session.

Air Squats



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