Take a knee

Sometimes it feels like things are done to you, when really those things are done for you. #onthebench

As with any sport, sometimes athletes experience set backs. Some days the weight that you’re used to lifting for various WODs seems impossibly heavy. Sometimes, you cannot reach, “functional capacity” because mentally you are just off your game.

But sometimes, health or injuries keep up from reaching high intensity over broad and modal time domains. This is a fancy way of saying that sometimes you just can’t work out no matter how much you want to workout.

Today, I was benched from working out. Today was terribly emotional for me, so my inclination to go “work it out” had to be adjusted. I went in to work on mobility and stretching. Later after watching the 5:30pm class do the WOD, I talked to one of my coaches and she said that based on my current MRI results, I need to take a break from WODs until I get a firm diagnosis. It was devastating and it was a relief. I was given an out to do the thing that I couldn’t do on my own; take a break.

Crossfit has helped me get healthy. By benching me, coaches are helping me stay healthy.


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