New Feature: WOD Wednesday

I am super excited to bring you a new feature on the website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; “WOD Wednesday“.

This new feature will highlight one of the workouts on the website as a workout that can be done at home with little to no equipment. One of the reasons for this feature comes from the requests I get for easy workouts that can be done at home or when folks are travelling.  I have accumulated a lot of workouts from various gyms, but I have come up with workouts on my own. Found workouts will be credited to the gym website and more information.

Here’s an example:

From CrossFit Park City


In the future, my plan is to post some tips on social media on approaching the workouts. We may even have some challenges with some folks from the Masters Division team.  If you have questions or feedback, let me know via direct message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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