Train With Me: The Connect Empower Strengthen Online Coaching Program

The CONNECT EMPOWER STRENGTHEN program gives you the tools to transform your health through nutrition, fitness, and self care. Using the CONNECT EMPOWER STRENGTHEN journal, we will: 

  • Build your own personal journey  
  • Create personalize benchmarks for success
  • Create daily practices for self care
Why the CES Coaching Program? 

I invite you to discover a better way to achieve the life you want by connecting movement, nutrition, and rest. This journey will be one of self-discovery; discovering which movements work for you, which foods nourish your body and which strategies work for you to get optimal rest. How are going to achieve all of this? By putting the power back in your hands. You won’t rely on comparisons to anyone else to measure success. By using daily check-ins, you will create your own benchmarks. By connecting these three areas, you will be able to face each day with optimal strength and energy.

Why online coaching? 

The Connect Empower Strengthen Program provides online personal training that gives you the tools to transform your health through fitness, nutrition, and self care. This isn’t a cookie-cutter, one size fits all program. We partner to develop a plan based on your needs including your current health status, work and family schedule. Need to work out in the early morning or late at night? That’s great! We’ll create a program that’s just for you.  

Who is this for? 

Beginners or intermediate folks who have access to a gym or home equipment who want to build a sustainable practice for improved health. 


Let’s set up a 1-1 consultation!

Focus on three areas of health



Self Care



  • get stronger through strength training
  • improved nutrition 
  • improved self care 

Weekly Schedule

  • 3 workouts
  • 3 health related articles/activities
  • daily journal to track progress

What You Get

  • weekly check-in (via Zoom)
  • journal review 
  • weekly health lessons/activities
  • email support 


  • Connect Empower Strengthen Journal 
  • email access
  • Zoom 


60 Day Program
Weekly Goal setting with accountability
Weekly Check-in calls (Zoom)
Support through email (weekly between check-ins)
Weekly Lifestyle/Health Lessons (Fitness, Nutrition, Self-care)
Weekly Journal Review
The Connect Empower Strengthen Journal not included

Let’s set up a 1-1 consultation!